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Women's Apparel

We believe that women deserve to look and feel their best. And there's nothing we love more than creating forward-thinking looks by keeping it classy while pushing the fashion envelope.

Your Favorite New Look

There's nothing better than the first time out in a gorgeous new statement piece. When women need a look that's sure to capture attention, they rely on Pisso Couture. 

The fashion experts at Pisso Couture are known for creating outfits like you've never seen before — while remaining elegant and classy. 

Woman in Evening Gown

Finding Inspiration Everywhere

What makes each Pisso Couture women’s apparel in Los Angeles, CA, unique is our eclectic and electric blend of inspirations. A prominent aspect of our design philosophy is based on Madagascar. We love to use the exotic materials, traditional colors of vibrant reds of bright golds, and native prints.

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